We constantly upgrade our tools and work processes, so that our Financial Planners are always in a position to serve you meaningfully and efficiently.

If you feel that you have found the right Financial Planner to work with, it is usually because that Financial Planner had chosen to join the right Agency.

A Financial Planner, like any self-employed business owner, has multiple hats to wear. The learning curve for providing financial services is extremely steep. Plus, the need to learn entrepreneurship is mind-blowing. Running a thriving professional practice is never a one-person job. They need a dedicated team to support them well.

At Alliance Organisation, besides training, coaching, and nurturing our Financial Planners to be world-class professionals, we also provide extensive support so that they can focus on what they do best - serving you.

There are four key areas that Alliance Organisation provides for our Financial Planners to serve you well.

1. Marketing

It is not just about leads generation. It is how we create a wow-experience when you work with one of our Financial Planners. We do this by continually honing and improving our practice process. Paying attention to each process’s details helps us to develop materials that will make your experience extraordinary and valuable. It is an extremely long list of things that we do, but you get the idea.

2. Business Support

Proper administration is vital in ensuring smooth operations. It is essential, but unfortunately, it is not productive. We want our Financial Planners to place their time with you, not paperwork. Alliance Organisation employed six full-time staff to support 24 Financial Planners on admin, marketing, general insurance, case preparation, and policy servicing.

3. Learning

An excellent Financial Planner needs a wealth of knowledge. To plan for you effectively, they need to know finance, investment, tax, law, accounting, actuarial science, economics, and psychology. These are just academics. They also need to acquire skills like problem understanding and identification, learning from past experiences to instill lessons for the future, strong people skills to build relationships, and listening and communicating effectively. Our Learning Centre in Alliance Organisation imparts all of these to our Financial Planners.

4. Digitalization

An excellent Financial Money is not everything, but we need money for everything. The same analogy applies to digitalization. We will always insist on the human touch, but we cannot deny that most jobs done digitally are more effective and efficient. We know that you value time a lot. Thus, we build digital tools for our Financial Planners to help you save time.

We trust our all-encompassing business model covers every aspect of the practice to ensure our financial planners can give you the experience you deserved. At Alliance Organisation, we leave no stone unturned.


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