Our business is founded on building relationships. And often, it is a relationship for life. Because when you find a Financial Planner you trust, you have found a Financial Partner for life.

For the average adult, your perspectives on financial planning are limited to the knowledge that you accumulated, based the environment you grew up with, the influence you gained from people you trust, and the past experiences you have encountered. Thus, it is not surprising that most people could not see complications in their financial life beyond the present.

Moreover, many only understand the external problem they have in their finances and overlooked the internal problem and philosophical problem. For example, many know that having bad money habits will lead to unhealthy cash flow. The external problem they see is the low amount of money in their bank accounts. Unfortunately, the problem does not end there.

Looking at the small amount of money in your bank account will make you feel insecure and vulnerable, lose confidence in yourself, and it will change your attitude negative in life! That is the internal problem of having bad money habits.

Extending from there, you will bring those feelings and attitude home and begin to influence those you love and care about. Imagine your kids growing up feeling insecure and vulnerable, lacking confidence, and having a negative attitude in life before they even started to be financially independent of you.

This is the philosophical problem that causes disasters. Please do not underestimate the little pains in our finances. It will often burden those who love you and care about you the most in the long-term future..

Some common pain points that our clients have:

Saving –
  • Guilty with bad money habits
  • Insecure due to loss of income
  • Vulnerable when going low on available funds
Investing –
  • Exposed to market volatility
  • Helpless when the market crash
  • At the mercy of market trends
Retiring –
  • In jeopardy of not having enough money to retire
  • Liable to debts near retirement
Estate Planning –
  • No peace of mind with the succession
  • Powerless in providing for beneficiaries
Protecting –
  • At the risk of critical diseases
  • In danger of accidents
  • Unprotected against escalating medical costs
Employee Benefits Management (Corporate HR) –
  • In the firing line of claims management
  • Prone to the endless explanation of benefits provided

If you feel any of the above pain/s, it is time to work with a trusted Financial Planner and sort them out now. The longer you take, the bigger it will snowball. Be wise. It is a lot easier to tackle a problem when it is small. Start early.


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